EC 2015 Day 2 Final: Verbatim Transcript

This is the transcript of the EC 2015 (Day 2) tournament final as recorded by the judge (Pascal Bertrand) of the final. You can find the original post on


  1. DaniloFanchon / Luna vote
  2. Marius — AAA
  3. MarcinGoratrix wall
  4. Pierre — Eurobrujah
  5. Giulio — Brujah 4-5 obf (player Ivan Chebunin was ranked #4 but had to drop)


  • Giulio
  • Pierre > Giulio
  • Marcin > Pierre > Giulio
  • Marcin > Pierre > Giulio > Marius
  • Marcin > Danilo > Pierre > Giulio > Marius

Turn 1


Wider view. (Marius 29)
Influence 1 (Marius 28)
Discard Blind Spot

Influence 2 (Marcin 28)
Discard Sense the Savage Way.

Zillah’s Valley. (Danilo 25)
Influence 3 on 4 (Danilo 22)
Discard Reckless Agitation.

Influence 4 (Pierre 26)
Discard Sideslip

Influence 4 (Giulio 26)
Discard Psyche!

Turn 2

Influence 4 (Marius 24)
Discard Entrancement

Influence 4 (on2) (Marcin 24)
Discard Eagle’s Sight

Zillah’s Valley (on 0) (Danilo 17)
Influence 4 (on 7) (Danilo 13) Mistress Fanchon
Discard Deflection

Pentex Subversion on Mistress Fanchon (Pierre 24)
Influence 4 (on 4) (Pierre 20): Donal O’Connor.
Discard Immortal Grapple

Zillah’s Valley (on 4) (Giulio 21)
Influence 3 + 1( on 8) (Giulio 17) : Dmitra Ilyanova

Turn 3

Influence 3 (on 5) + 1 (Marius 20) : Anson
Discard Entrancement

Influence 4 (on 6) (Marcin 20) : Goratrix
Discard Enhanced Senses

Villein for 7 on Fanchon (Fanchon 4) (Danilo 20)
Zillah’s Valley (on 4) (Danilo 15)
Influence 2 (Danilo 13) : Luna Giovanni

Blood Doll on Donal.
Use Blood Doll (Donal 7, Pierre 21).
Donal bleeds; No block. Conditioning (Donal 6). (Giulio 13)
Influence 4 (on 0) (Pierre 17)

Pierre : “Now you can parity your prey…” Giulio: “Yeah I know..” Danilo “I have votes…” Danilo : “If you remove the Pentex, and call PArity Shift on Pierre, I want 0 pool. If you call it on your prey, I want 2 pool.”
Dmitra attempts to burn the Pentex. Donal plays Second Tradition (Donal 5). Dmitra plays Forgotten Labyrinth (Dmitra 8). Dmitra plays sup Forced march, no block. Dmitra untaps (Dmitra 7)
Dmitra plays Parity Shift. No blocks. Terms: 5 from Marius, 3 for Giulio, 2 for Danilo. Dmitra casts 3 in favor, Parity Shift in favour. Donal casts 2 against. Anson casts 2 against. Danilo has 5 in favour. Referendum is successful. (Marius 15, Giulio 16, Danilo 15)
Influence 4 (on 3) (Giulio 12) : Karen Suadela
Discard Political Stranglehold

Turn 4

Minion Tap for 6 on Anson (Anson 2, Marius 21)
Marius : “I can play Pentex, Marcin: Do you block something for me?” Marcin: “I don’t have eagle’s sight in hand”.
Pentex Subversion on Dmitra. (Marius 19)
Anson plays Ancient Influence. Goratrix plays Sense the Savage Way. Action is blocked. Goratrix plays Carrion Crows. No maneuvers. Anson plays Majesty. (Anson 1)
Influence 4 (on 1) (Marius 15)
Discard Deflection

Goratrix plays superior Magic of the Smith. No blocks (Goratrix 9). Equips with Heart of Nizchetus (Marcin 19)
Influence 3 + 1 (Marcin 15) : Anarch Convert (to make Goratrix anarch + draw crypt card)
Discard Forced Awakenin.

Villein for 5 on Luna. (Luna 4, Danilo 20)
Monastery of Shadows (Danilo 17).
Fanchon plays MIght of the Camarilla. No blocks. Danilo has 6 votes in favour. Pierre has 2 against. Referendum passes.(Volker, Carlak, Anson, Goratrix, Undele).
Luna plays Possession on Undele. Donal attempts to block, Monastery of SHadows. Goratrix plays On the Qui Vive + Eagle’s Sight. Luna plays Elder Impersonation (Luna 2). No blocks. (Undele 1)

gain 1 for Edge.
Donal plays Superior Govern (on7) No block. (Donal 4)
Influence 4 (Pierre 14). Beast.
Pierre silently realises he might (of the camarilla) have lost 4 pool.

Villein 4 on Dmitra (Dmitra 3, Giulio 16).
Anarch Troublemaker.
Karen burns the Pentex. No block.
Discussions about Karen‘s ability
Dmitra calls her refererendum. No blocks. 2 for Dmitra, 2 for luna. Danilo 7 in favour. Anson 2 against; Referendum passes. (Dmitra 5, Luna 4)

Turn 5

Discussions with Danilo about playing a Pentex on Marcin, Danilo : it’s a parity on your prey, so it is 3(4) for you, and 2 (1) for me.
Zillah’s Valley (on 5)(Marius on 10)
Wider View (Marius 9)
Pentex on Goratrix (Marius on 7)
Anson plays Parity Shift. Karen plays 2nd Tradition (Karen 6) and blocks. Anson superior Majesty (Anson 0). Karen Psyche! Hands, hands. Anson in torpor (Karen 5).
Influence 2 (on 9) (Marius 5) Alexandra.

Discussions with Pierre about where to play a Pentex.
Pentex on Mistress Fanchon (Marcin 13)
Goratrix equips with Bowl. No blocks.
Influence 4 (on 3) (Marcin 9) Omaya
Discard Rack

Fanchon plays Might of the Camarilla. Gortrix plays Eyes of Argus. Mistress Fanchon plays Into Thin Air. Goratrix plays Enhanced Senses. Tap Monastery for stealth. Goratrix burns 1 blood for +1 intercept (Goratrix 8). Fanchon burns 1 for -1 intercept. (Fanchon 3) Cats’ Guidance. Action is blocked. Gortrix plays Carrion Crows. Fanchon strikes No Trace. (Fanchon 2)
Pay 1 to see 1

Gain 1 from edge.
Donal plays superior Govern (on 4). (Donal 3).
Beast enters combat with Alexandra. No block. Torn Signpost. Immortal Grapple at superior. Hands for 4 vs Hands for 1. (Beast 6, ALexandra 7). Press from Immortal.
Influence: Theo Bell.

“Can I deal a Banishment on any minion of Pierre against a rescue of Alexandra?” (Marius)
Dmitra bleeds for 1. No block (Marius 4)
Karen rescues Alexandra, Alexandra pays. Marius: “No block”. Marcin: “Wait wait wait…” No block. (Alexandra 5)
Discard Parity Shift.

Turn 6

Pays 1 for the contest (Marius 3)
Villein for 4 on Alexandra. (Alexandra 1, Marius 7).
Alexandra plays Banishment on Beast. Referendum passes by 5 (..) Alexandra plays Voter Captivation (Alexandra 4, Marius 9)
Burn Wider View (Marius 11)
Plays Anthelios.

Pays 1 for the contest (Marcin 8)
Goratrix plays Magic of the Smith. No blocks. (Goratrix 7). Equips with Ruins of Ceoris.
Discard Anarch Revolt.

Talking with Marius about how to put pressure on Danilo. Marius asks for a rescue of Anson, against a TGB/Blind Spot to banish Goratrix.
Fanchon performs her action to take a minion card from library. No blocks. ((Fanchon takes Banishment)). Discard down: Sudario Refraction.
Pay 1 to see 1.

Donal plays inferior Govern. No block. (Donal 2, Giulio 13).
Theo Bell plays Govern. No block. (Theo 6, Giulio 10).
Influence 1 (on 6) (Pierre 14) : Beast
Discard Torn Signpost

Dmitra plays Alastor. Donal plays 2nd Tradiiton (Donal 1). Dmitra plays Perfect Paragon (Dmitra 4). Dmitra plays Resist Earth’s Grasp (Dmitra 1). No block. Choice: Karen Suadela. Giulio has 6 in favour. Danilo has 7 in favour. Marius has 4 against. Referendum passes by 9. Equipment: AK 47 (Giulio 8).
“Before I rush, I need to call a Parity”. to Marius: “If I go in torpor against one of Pierre‘s monsters, will you rescue me?” “SUre, if I survive”.
Karen Suadela rushes (Alastor) Theo Bell. Donal plays Second Tradition. Block is successful. Donal plays Torn Signpost. Maneuver with AK 47. Donal plays Pursuit to come back. Immortal Grapple. Nothing vs hands for 3. Sideslip to prevent 1. (Karen 3). Pursuit from Donal. Additional strike: hands for 3 (Karen 0). Press with Immortal Grapple. Psyche! from Karen to press against. Donal plays Taste of Vitae (Donal 6).
Discard Alastor.

Turn 7

Pays for the contest. (Marius 10)
Villein for 2 on Alexandra (Alexandra 2, Marius 11)
Exchange Zillah’s Valley for Wider View.
Alexandra hunts. No block. (Alexandra 3).
Burn Wider View. (Marius 13).
Discard Zillah’s Valley.

Pay for the contest (Marcin 7)
Anarch Revolt.
Goratrix bleeds for 2. Luna attempts to block, successfully. Goratrix plays Carrion Crows. Strikes: steal 2, No Trace. (Luna 3).
Omaya bleeds for 1. No blocks (Danilo 13).

1 for Anarch Revolt. (Danilo 12)
Undele plays Kine Resources Contested. Donal plays 2nd Tradition (Donal 5). Forgotten Labyrinth (Undele 0). No blocks. Pierre 3, Marius 1. End result: passes by 9. (Pierre 11, Marius 12). Voter Captivation (Undele 9).
Sourge of the Enochians.
Scourge to Marcin.

Pays 1 for Anarch Revolt. (Pierre 10)
Move 1 to Donal (Pierre 9, Donal 6)
Donal plays Heroic Might. No blocks. (Donal 3).
Theo Bell plays Govern the Unaligned. No blocks. (Theo 5, Giulio 5).
Beast visit Dmitra. Hands vs Hands. (Beast 6, Dmitra 1). Beast Taste (Beast 7).

1 for Anarch Revolt. (Giulio 4)
Dreams of the Sphinx (Giulio 3)
Tap Dreams (1) for cards.
Karen hunts. Donal plays Second Tradition (Donal 2). Action is blocked. Donal plays Torn SIgnpost. Karen maneuvers with AK47. Karen strikes with AK 47, Donal strikes with Heroic Might. Donal prevents 1 with Sideslip. Karen in torpor (Donal 1).
Dmitra plays Parity Shift. Pierre plays 2nd Tradition with Donal. (Donal 0). Dmitra plays Resist Earth’s Grasp (Dmitra 0). Monastery of Shadows for stealth. No blocks. Giulio steals 5 from Pierre. Passes by 5. (Pierre 4, Giulio 8).
Discard down Villein, New Carthage

Turn 8

Pay for the Anarch Revolt (Marius 11).
Pay for the contest( Marius 10)
Wider View (Marius 9).
Dreams of the Sphinx (contest) (Marius 8).
Burn Wider View (Marius 10)

Pay 1 for the contest (Marcin 6)
Villein for 5 on Omawa (Omaya 2, Marcin 11)
Goratrix bleeds for 2. No block. (Danilo 9) Goratrix plays Enkil Cog.
Scourge passes.

1 for Anarch Revolt (Danilo 8)
Villein for 7 on Undele (Undele 2, Danilo 15)
Fanchon bleeds for 3. Donal attempts to block. Monastery of Shadows. Pierre declines. On the Qui Vive on Goratrix. Eagle’s Sight from Goratrix. Fanchon plays INto THin Air. Goratrix burns 1 blood from Bowl (Goratrix 6). Sense the Savage Way. Fanchon burns 1 blood to give Goratrix -1 intercept (Fanchon 1). Goratrix plays Telepathic Misdirection (Goratrix 5). Fanchon is blocked. Goratrix plays Carrion Crows. Fanchon plays No Trace. Goratrix plays Cats’ Guidance;
Undele bleeds for 1. No blocks. (Pierre 3).
Discard Might of the Camarilla.

Pays 1 for Anarch Revolt (Pierre 2).
Blood Dollon Beast.
Move 1 from Beast to pool (Beast 6, Pierre 3).
Donal hunts. No blocks. (Donal 1)
Beast becomes anarch. No block. (Beast 4)
Theo Bell enters combat with Dmitra. No blocks. Theo plays Immortal Grapple. Dmitra goes to torpor (Theo 4).

1 for Anarch Revolt (Giulio 7)
Yeild Dreams of the Sphinx.
Burn 2 to Dragonbound. (Giulio 5)
Discard Assault Rifle.

Turn 9

Pay 1 for Anarch Revolt (Marius 9)
Pay 1 for contest (Marius 8).
Exchange Zillah’s Valley for Wider View.
Tap Dreams (1) for cards.
Goratrix (Enkil Cog) rescues Karen.
Discard down Parity Shift, Voter Captivation.
Burn 1 for Anson in torpor (Marius 7)
Sourge passes.

Pay 1 for Pentex (Marcin 10)
Magic of the Smith with Goratrix for Ivory Bow. No Blocks. (Goratrix 2, Marcin 9)
Omaya bleeds for 1. No block. Luna plays Deflection (Luna 2) to Pierre. No block (Pierre 2).

1 for Anarch Revolt (Danilo 12)
Zillah’s Valley (on 3) (Danilo 8).
Fanchon attempts to hunt. Goratrix attempts to block with Sense the Savage Way. Action is blocked. Maneuver with Ruins, Strike with Ivory Bow.
Influence 4 (on7) (Danilo 2) : Rafael de Corazon.
Burn 1 because Fanchon is in torpor. (Danilo 1)
Discard Voter Captivation

Celerity on Beast.
Theo Bell enters combat with Karen. Karen maneuvers with AK 47. Teho plays Pursuit. No maneuver. Immortal Grapple. Karen goes to torpor.
Donal plays Govern the Unaligned at inferior. No blocks. (Giulio 2).
Beast attempts to remove the Anarch Revolt. Omaya Forced Awakening, Eagle Sight, Sense the Savage Way. Monastery for stealth. Telepathic Misdirection for intercept. […] Omaya 0 blood, Beast 0 blood.

Pass Anarch Troublemaker to prey.
Burn 1 to Anarch Revolt (Giulio 1)

Turn 10

Pass Anarch Troublemaker to burn the Bowl of Convergence.
Burn 1 to contest.
Burn 1 for Anarch Revolt.
Plays WIder view.
Exchange TGB for Blind Spot.
Alexandra attempts to burn the Anarch Revolt.
Goratrix plays Eyes of Argus, Eagle’s Sight. Resist for stealth. Cats’ Guidance for intercept. Combat: maneuver with Ruins. Alexandra strikes: Majesty.
Alexandra hunts. (Alexandra 2)
Burn Wider View (Marius 6)
Anson (Dragonbound) (Marius 5)
Discard Villein
Discard Down Parity Shift;

Anarch Revolt
Yield contest.
Omaya hunt (Omaya 1).

is ousted (Anarch Revolt)

Fame on Alexandra.
Theo Bell Enter combat with Alexandra.
Time limit (but Alexandra goes to torpor).

Marcin 1.5
Pierre 1.5
Marius 0.5
Danilo 0
Giulio 0

Marcin wins!


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