VEKN Tournament Rules 2015

800px-Law_gavelFor a rather large event like the European VTES Championship 2015, a framework is required for providing the necessary infrastructure in terms of rules, responsibilities and procedure.

Beside the actual VTES rulebook the second most important document for running a VTES tournament are the VEKN Tournament Rules. While VTES rules provide the necessary rules for running a single game of VTES, the VEKN Tournament Rules provide the necessary framework for running whole tournaments.

Furthermore the VEKN website hosts the following documents/information:

  • The V:EKN Judges’ Guidelines help judges resolve play errors and determine the appropriate penalty for infractions that occur during the course of a game or tournament.
  • The VTES Rulings is a list of general and card specific rulings, that have been accumulated over the past 15+ years.
  • The Complete Rules Reference gives a tabular overview of the game with special emphasis on the the different phases with a game turn.
  • The list of banned cards for VTES tournaments is part of the VEKN tournament rules, but deserves a special mentioning here.

For those not playing tournaments on a regular basis, please take note that both Danse Macabre and The Unaligned as well as the Storyline 2015 cards are legal for this year’s EC tournament!